What benefits do I have as a registered customer?
There are so many reasons to register! As a registered customer, you can log into your account and see discounts on Friday rather than Saturday! You can create a wishlist to be notified when an item has been discounted to the price you’d like. You can request products and we’ll let you know when that special something has been added to our inventory. We also have private sales for registered customers. There’s no charge to register, so sign up today!

What is your return policy?
If you are not happy with your Delvage purchase, please notify us as soon as possible. Your item can be returned within 1 week, although you will be responsible for the shipping charge.


How do I get my things on the Delvage website?
It’s so easy! We pick up the items you would like to sell and take care of everything – photos, marketing, and shipping when your item sells.

Are you picking up items in my area?
We currently service parts of CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, and VA. We will be expanding to other states, so please check back if we’re not currently in your area.

What items can I sell?
Collectibles, artwork, jewelry – so many things! Your items must be in resale condition (please don’t ask someone to buy something you wouldn’t be willing to purchase yourself!). We do not sell furniture or larger items.

What is your fee?
We have a consignment structure which is currently 50/50. If your item sells for $100, we send you a check for $50. We mail the sales proceeds weekly to our clients – who wants to wait for their money?!

How long are my items on the site?
We market your items for 6 months. If your item hasn’t been sold after that time, we can relist the item or donate it to charity (you receive the receipt for the charitable gift) – it’s your decision.

How is the pricing determined?
Our clients determine the prices they would like for their items. They let us know “what they would like” and “what they are willing to take.” Over the 6 months their items are on our site, they are discounted from the “like” to the “willing to take” price.

How do I schedule a pick-up?
Please call us at 844-335-8243