About Us

About Our Online Yard Sale

Delvage was created to address 3 significant trends:  downsizing, recycling, and online shopping.  As more and more people downsize and declutter, they are faced with the disposition of hundreds of items.  After family and friends have taken what they would like, what happens to the remaining items?  They have value and certainly have no place in a landfill, but what are your alternatives?  A yard sale?  Local consignment store?  Having strangers come to your home to possibly purchase them? 

But the real question is, why not use Delvage?!

We provide an easy and painless way to have those “extra” items find new homes and to stay out of landfills.  We come to your home, pack and remove the items, and manage the entire sales process.  We take pictures of the items, market and ship – our clients can trust us to find their items’ new homes where they will be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come.  Oh, and they receive a portion of the items’ sales price – does it get any better than that?!

Every shopper looks to find great items at fantastic prices – look no further! You can find just that and more with Delvage!  There are so many online shopping alternatives, and we want to become your go-to resource for unique items.  Register as part of our community and we will send you inventory updates, private sale invitations, and you will see our “flash sale” discounts a day earlier than the general public.   You can also create wishlists to be notified when that special must-have something has been discounted to the price you would like to pay and send product requests so we will notify you when it enters our inventory.

We “delve” into our neighbor’s “garage” to find unique treasures – find the rarest gems at Delvage!